Why Should Arts Be Taught In Preschool?

Published On October 31, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

It is observed how some schools and government movements slowly reduce loads of arts in the curriculum of students believing that subjects’ matters that deal with the experiments, numbers, and problem solving will help them be better adults in the future.

But some private preschools in Singapore beg to disagree. They strive to give art education alongside with common subjects like English, Math, and Science to children aiming to develop all the skills a child has simultaneously. It is said that their method in education was very different from the rest of the school thus, considered as one of the best approaches in preschool education in Singapore.

If you’re wondering why these educators strive to advocate the importance of art education and started reaching out to the youngsters, here are some reasons why it is best to start reliving the dying education of art in primary education:

1. They are in a sensitive period

Scientists coined this term for the window of opportunity children in the preschool has. Their neural circuits are more open to learning through new experiences. But when this window closes, though not necessarily shuts down, learning new stuff will be a little harder for them. This sensitive period usually happens to children in preschool education. According to researches, teaching them a specific talent before this window of opportunity has opened the skill will be a waste of effort.

2. They have more active nerve cells creating connection than adults

This might clearly explain why adults tend to have a harder time in learning new skills than children who are on their early ages. These nerve cells present in the minds of young creatures can actively create new connections enabling them to learn new languages, play an instrument or pick up a new sport without having a hard time.

3. They are the next generation

From the wide array of human beings living here on this planet, we would like to believe that the life of the next generations to come relies on people who are in their early stages. The president of a country, the next astronaut to land on space, the future educator, the engineer who’d build the most innovative building and the next inventor of the world’s smartest the phone will definitely come from these pool of talents. That’s why it is really essential to start teaching them of the fundamentals of life because, in the future, they are the ones leading almost every aspect of life.

With all that being said, why art? Just like how Mathematics, Science and English subjects are significant in one’s growth as an individual, so is art. It does not only juice out the creativity of a person but is mostly focused on developing the problem solving and critical thinking skills of a person. It makes us aware of our existence, of the world not just solving problems. It targets the less observed but the most essential attributes a person should have in reaching success such as motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

Arts in education should never be regarded as necessary because at the end of the day, life isn’t just about getting jobs or being a normal citizen but being human beings who are able to enjoy the deeper forms of beauty–and this is what art teaches.

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