TeachersInTouch: The TinT is a school first and tool later

Published On February 21, 2019 | By Chloe Glover | College

There are many platforms that are striving to help teachers all over to improve the quality of teaching and decrease the workload they have. Being a teacher is not a job, it basically is a responsibility. One has to manage all the aspects right from the teaching, to a keen interest in every student’s growth. With almost everything under their control, they build the nation and create the brightest minds.

This modern software help in improving teacher morale. By reducing the workload for teachers by almost 50%, it improves the quality of teaching in the schools and also prevents teacher burnout.

TinTelligence is a unique feature of the TeachersInTouch software. You only have to feed the contacts of the students’ parents and contact them. The workflow behind it all is easily taken care of.

Many schools face the problem that a good teacher resigns from the job. It generally happens because they can’t handle the workload. With TinT, you can reduce their workload and decrease their probability of leaving.

Another issue faced by schools is communication with their parents for parental engagement. For the all-round development of a student, it is necessary that there is active, positive and healthy communication between the parents and the teachers. Because children usually copy their parents and learn from their teachers. So it is very necessary to keep a healthy atmosphere all around and create a positive behavior system.

Effective teaching by teachers marks the steady growth of the students. The response to intervention helps to achieve that goal. It also gives you a graphical representation of the child’s progress. This analysis thus helps both the teachers and the parents to understand the areas where the child needs help to improve.

The TinT starter pack comes with a free trial. Proceeding further you can also get the TinT Pro which is for teachers. This encompasses the entire classroom wherein you can involve the stakeholders in supporting the students. Another one is the TinT Schools which is designed for schools and districts. With this, you can keep everyone in touch and supporting the students.

These modern platforms are a blessing in disguise. With the help of such technology classroom management has become very easy and now teachers can have a more relaxed work balance. With the help of technology, now a teacher’s work has reduced to a great extent and has become very efficient.

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