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Published On October 24, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Education

The unprecedented gig economy is setting a new workplace paradigm wherein employees have flexible schedules which allow them to pursue other interests. In a study, it was found that an increasing number of talented professionals are moving towards independent work. While the idea of contracts and flexible schedules are appreciated, this changing landscape of the workforce is straining the employers as they, now, must balance the desire to be flexible with staying legally compliant. To attract and retain new employees is challenging as they must be provided with new learning trajectories, multiple career paths, and engaging experiences. Millennials seek flexibility and growth in their exclusive environments. To create an internal gig experience, an agile workforce must be created with flexible roles and experiences, connecting employees’ work to the overall mission of the organization.

Since employees are abandoning traditional paths to promotions and instead, are opting to explore, create a business environment that supports creativity with its own set of rewards and reinforcements. Diversifying the talent pool by recruiting from different backgrounds and knowledge banks allows your employees to interact and fosters an exchange of ideas. Once the headhunting is over, the focus shifts to retention to keep the talent pool loyal to the brand and initiative. Business houses worry too much about investing in employees fearing they might leave unexpectedly but on the contrary, it is important to know that investing in your employees gives them a sense of allegiance and pride. But since inspiring loyalty in flex employees is a concern, there are certain aspects one has to keep in mind to keep your talent loyal.

When you build a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) which sets you apart from the other employers, it transforms the employee experience and gives them a reason to stick around ranging from recruitment, onboarding to career development.

Apart from an annual performance review, providing regular and positive feedback is sought by the employees. This is instrumental in building leadership skills as they seek opportunities to grow as leaders. Fostering leadership skills helps the employees and enterprises at large.

Go beyond the organizational chart and carve out multiple promotion paths for your employees. If they are unsure let them try different positions and see what fits them best. Assign them a mentor to encourage new perspective and independent feedback.

Allowing them the autonomy of choice might seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to inspire loyalty, but it can turn favourable. When you grant freedom and control, by letting them make consequential decisions, it is communicated to the employees that their input is trusted which inspires them to go beyond their normal scope.

Last but not least, since technology allows people to be mobile and available at all hours, it can be difficult to strike the right work-life balance. So, promoting a healthy work-life balance is more likely to retain employees.

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