Why Are Bumble Bees In Your Attic

Published On June 15, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Online Education

European Tree bumble Bees In Bristol

Bumblebees in your attic will often get discovered in three ways.

You might notice them when you go into your attic, but this is unlikely because these bees nest beneath the loft insulation.

Noises in your ceiling at night, resembling a mix between a buzz and a squeak, will eventually keep you awake and encourage you to investigate!

Later in June, as the bumble bee colony matures, swarming activity at the nest entrance will make it very clear, you have bumble bees in your attic. Tree bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum) to be precise.

Tree bumblebees love to nest in high places, while all other bumblebees tend to nest in the ground or at ground level. This nesting behaviour provides many advantages, which is why your attic floor is the perfect place for these bees to make their home!

Learn more about Tree Bumble Bees – https://www.waspkilluk.co.uk/bumble-bees-in-attics-lofts-under-insulation-in-bristol.html

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