Valuable Tips to Ace in GRE Quantitative Section

Published On July 13, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Online Education

For passing GRE tests, you need some strategies to obtain best Quantitative scores. Agreed math is not easy but when you check the GRE Quantitative section, it will seem similar to what you possibly studied in high school. GRE Quantitative concentrates mainly on problem-solving and critical thinking skills. GRE coaching classes can certainly help you and you can even download practice tests to sharpen your weak areas.

Valuable tips to score better on GRE test

Go slow with a word problem

You need to understand the underlying questions main concept. A couple of words can totally alter the meaning. Therefore, never rush through challenging questions, even if you feel the words to be straightforward. Get familiarized with ‘English to Math’ conversion tables.

Spend just two minutes per question

There are 20 questions in each quantitative section and you get 35 minutes to complete. Some questions can be solved in a minute, while some take two. In case, you spent more than two minutes then strategically try to move forward.

Use calculator sensibly

Calculator is allowed in GRE math exam for simple calculations. The thing to remember is not to use it for simple conversions, which can be done in your head. This can save lots of time. Only use it, when you really need to.

Back-solve numbers in answer choice

Check work with back solving strategy using answer choices. You can plug each choice A or B in the question to find the correct one on the basis of your calculation.

Stick to your method

GRE quantitative section comprises of various difficult questions. Be methodical in solving and never abandon your strategy, when faced with hard questions. Appraise questions from every angle before determining to use traditional way or some kind of specific strategy.

For QC [Quant Comps] learn by rote answer choices

Memorize QC answer choices, so you can confidently answer in seconds and time saved can really help.

Look for shortcuts

If possible avoid intensive calculations. Simplify, factor or estimate to cut the crunching down.

GRE prep book is available online, which is good for practice. You can even check other online resources and free lessons. Make sure to approach optimistically towards math without telling you are bad, which can avert the exam stress. Nurture the right attitude and start preparing with confidence.

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