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Published On May 16, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Education

The education system in China has a great reputation, but it is also measured as one of the most competitive and challenging one in the entire world. Not every child prospers in this environment, though.

Chinese education

The Chinese educational system is divided into 3 years of kindergarden, 6 years of primary school and 3 to 6 years of secondary education often followed by several years of higher education. The kindergardens and primary schools are typically run by local education establishments and some private enterprises such as Wellington College. But where ever you send your child to a state school or international school, you need to prepare for a very competitive admissions process, a demanding education system overall and tuition fees that could impact your cost of living.

Since the middle 1980s, people in China have the right to a minimum of 9 years of education, 6 years of primary school and 3 years of secondary education.

Primary School

At the age of seven, children begin their primary education. In the major urban areas like Shanghai and Beijing, students can begin primary education one year early. About 60{e4e568a6e655b6eb0a3c952dc9cd51bfca0536d6e0dd3b7ce47e34a6a4b4a91e} of the time in school is dedicated to math and Chinese, also referred to as the “Big Two”. Children are additionally instructed in art, music, morals, and society, and take practical work classes. There are schools that begin to teach foreign languages beginning near the end of primary school as well as extra-curricular activities

Learning community

Wellington College offers a unique learning community. A pastoral provision with a holistic education inspires their vision – and that is to help students developed the values and attitudes of citizens of the world. Wellington College recognizes that there are wide differences between primary school students and students in college. While the college offers the guidance and tools that are needed to help college students get ready for adulthood, Wellington prep school is structured to meet the needs of students at each stage of development.

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