UK Grammar Schools to Receive £50m Expansion Fund

Published On May 25, 2018 | By admin | Education

Grammar schools in the UK will be getting a £50 million expansion fund as the government puts in more effort in resuscitating selective schools. This is after Damian Hinds, the education secretary, unveiled plans to fund selective schools, aimed at improving disadvantaged children applications.

The fund is expected to help allow grammar schools to create new satellite campuses that are away from their respective existing sites at present. However, the Depart of Education has also stated that there are stringent requirements that need to be followed in order for these expansions to be approved. According to experienced educational expert Peter Gale Nonsuch headteacher, this is only necessary considering how hefty the fund is.

This move is expected to help give parents better and more choices when it comes to selecting schools that they think will be right for their family. The fund is meant to help create new schools that are most needed and those that are going to help in the growth of great schools. This will allow many families from all backgrounds to give their children the necessary access to an education that is nothing short of world-class.

The announcement is part of the latest effort that the government is exerting in order to get grammar schools resuscitated, despite the fierce opposition for policy-makers and educationalists. Despite the good intentions behind the move, it is looking to be equally unpopular with parents as well. Part of the conservative manifesto that was crafted in time for the snap election last year included controversial proposals that are aimed at lifting the ban in the creation of new grammar schools. However, these plans were dropped once the election results were in, with the Tories losing the overall majority.

Inline with the move, Labour has hurled accusations that the government is merely pursuing vanity projects, leaving behind the welfare of comprehensive schools in the process. The move is seen as one that excludes a vast number of schools from getting extra funding. Focusing more on grammar schools will not do anything for the majority of the children in the UK. Criticism is rife that pushing ahead with a plan that will expand grammar schools despite the fact that they will not do anything to improve the present social mobility is just plain absurd.

According to the DfE, the expansion fund will be open to those existing grammar schools that want to expand their present admissions. It has also been countering the criticisms maintaining that selection will benefit those children coming from middle-class families who do not have the means to afford to coach before taking entrance exams.

Recent figures reveal that more than 2{e4e568a6e655b6eb0a3c952dc9cd51bfca0536d6e0dd3b7ce47e34a6a4b4a91e} of pupils in grammar schools are getting free school meals, where other state secondary institutions are at 15{e4e568a6e655b6eb0a3c952dc9cd51bfca0536d6e0dd3b7ce47e34a6a4b4a91e}. A spokesperson from the DfE has also stated that in line with this move, about 150 grammar schools across the country have made pledges for doing more outreach. Keep updated with recent news and developments in the education sector by reading about Peter Gale Nonsuch online.

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