Top Qualities of a Professional Drummer

Published On November 8, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Teaching

Who is a drummer?

A drummer is someone who plays a mallet, stick, or hand instrument. He is someone who cannot stop producing the rhythm. Drummers are also referred to as percussionists. They are trained to possess strong energy flow and internal rhythms. This internal energy brings about quality drumming. Top drummers have a wide range of unique musical powers. This article highlights some of the skills that are required in becoming a sophisticated drummer. The abilities range from the simplest to the most advanced.

Professional drummers have a high potential in hearing with a developed sense of rhythm. Drummers are expected to build their internal feelings of “feel” and “time” to perform craft. Another critical skill is the rhythmic vocabulary in drumming. The rhythmic vocabulary of a drummer resembles that of beginners singing lessons. In these two cases, the vocabulary determines the work. Professional and advanced drummers also depend on their knowledge of musical theory and form to play in a band.

What makes a Professional Drummer Unique?

Advanced drummers are perfect in some areas including polyrhythms, syncopating, marching, phrasing, swinging, change, and control of dynamics, drum sight-reading, rhythm vocabulary, and improvisation.

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