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CBSE Class 12 exams are considered to be the turning point in a student’s life and the first step towards their career and profession. Therefore, it is imperative that students prepare well for their exam. However, students may not have the best ideas or strategies to implement, hence they might not perform as required. Following are a few good tips and tricks to adopt if you want to secure maximum marks.


Planning is the first and foremost step when preparing for any exams. It helps to analyze and evaluate the syllabus, its depth, and difficulty. Generally, CBSE syllabus is quite vast and requires the student to carefully plan out their course of action. Furthermore, it helps the student to set benchmarks and measure their progress – identifying weakness and strengths related to concepts or topics.


Students have many study techniques, however, some are obviously more effective than others. One such study technique is called information chunking. Here, the students are required to break down large volumes of information into smaller, more easily digestible chunks. This not only reduces mental strain but improves learning efficiency. Note-taking is also one such important study technique which helps the student to effectively retain information and recall the same with ease.

Revise and Review

Any learning process is incomplete without revision. From an examination perspective, it is necessary for the students to revise as it helps to solidify their learning and recall information with ease. Also, the chances of making clerical errors and seemingly ordinary mistakes are drastically minimized. Therefore, it is important that students practice regularly.

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