Things that every teacher should avoid doing with students

Published On December 28, 2017 | By Chloe Glover | Education

There is a saying that teachers are like father figures for the students. To some extent, this saying is right and completely in the favour of those people who made us learn to read, write and speak. Teachers are the creators of the nations. They have the power which most of the other professions never or going to have. But with great power comes great responsibility.

The world for the teachers has shrunk. The space today’s teachers have is not enough that they can exercise their power and abilities for a better cause. Albeit, teachers themselves are responsible for it. Due to the unprofessional people only having degrees without any skills of teaching have made this prestigious profession corrupt. That is why instead of asking questions to teachers, students prefer to take essay help from any third party source.

To bring those glory days of the teachers back, the teachers have to realize the things that have become unacceptable with the students. The students of this era are much mature and aware of everything. That is why teachers have to be cautious in building a relationship with them.

Not only the relationship, there are other things too of which teachers have to be aware of. In the next lines of this post, I am going to discuss some of the things that every teacher should avoid doing with students.

Interacting with the social forum:

A teacher-student relationship only looks good in school or college. It is not a very good idea of hanging out with students in restaurants or other public places where people usually lose composure. There should be a limit between the interaction of students and teachers. Doesn’t matter how senior or junior teacher you are, you cannot make your students feel like you are just like their friends. The day when this feeling starts prevailing, your teaching days would also start jogging towards the end.

No restriction on Social Media use:

The use of social media has become much common and going towards the infinity now. It is good to keep an eye on the activity of the students on the social media but it is perilous when you as a teacher would start communicating them on the social media forums. Being a teacher it is important to restrict yourself to the school/ college and in your timings. Interfering in student’s personal life is not acceptable even by the kid who is still in his early teens. So next time even if your student would tag you in a post on Facebook which is not academic-related, do not like or comment on it.

No personal grudges:

One of the foremost and ethical duty of the teacher is to keep his personality and echo aside before entering the classroom. A teacher is not allowed to keep any personal grudges towards any student. Most of the time you will find students who are much younger than you in age and experience and they can make those mistakes too which you would have dealt with strict actions at another place. But being a teacher you have to be composed that time and avoid it with every possible measure.

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