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Published On October 23, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Teaching

We parents will do anything to help our children get the most out in schooling. We will do almost anything to help our children rise and prepare them to meet the challenges that adult life brings. So many parents in Bradford are begging for a solution.


Our mission is to endeavor to encounter more children to succeed. Our mission is to provide professional dedicated support to children enabling them to help reach their full potential so that they can do more in life.

Children Achieving More

As parents, our focus is to offer help. Being parents and tutors ourselves, we want to see our children score more in school, where they are making a significant improvement in grades. Transforming children’s lives in Bradford is our mission. Through the dedicated help and more parental engagement, children are significantly seeing scores rocket up – in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as we have prepared them in SATs, 11 plus, GCSE and A-level exams. Our major contribution has been to intensely improve the grades and levels of children that are coupled with the love for learning in a fun friendly engaging atmosphere where children love visiting our centers. We believe every child that walks through our doors should achieve more in school and in life.

National Curriculum

Our courses are revised regularly to make certain that the service we always offer is current and is in line with the National Curriculum taught in your children’s schools.

Our solution is to sees more children in Bradford succeed and shine in their learning. Seeing children attaining a higher level of learning is what our tutors in Bradford want to support. We believe we are the solution for parents in Bradford.

Free trial

Improve Tuition is exactly what parents have been waiting for.

Book and benefit from a free trial where we identify key strengths and weaknesses enabling us to create a personalized learning program. Many parents believe Improve Tuition is the best in this area. This is because we care about children who need help becoming the best that they can be. Our support will accompany them throughout the remainder of their life. This is the time when parents and children are working out what career they want. This is an important time in children’s lives and Improve Tuition knows this.

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