The Software and Website That Teachers Have Been Wanting for Decades

Published On October 8, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

“Innovative School Tools LLC” was born through 40 plus years of collective experience in education. These educators were overcome with troublesome paperwork, putting in 60 plus hours per week and they were begging for a solution.

Teachers more productive

We wanted to help teachers be more productive so that these teachers could spend more time to help student achievement. We were parents who also were frustrated with communication and wanted to have more parental engagement so that our children could get an excellence education suited to their skills. Being both educators and parents, we have a viewpoint that is unique into this multi-layered problem. Since we couldn’t find an answer, we decided to make a response to intervention and create one.


Our answer was to transform teaching, so every moment a teacher devotes is enthusiastic in improving the learning of students and not wasting time on simply busy work as well as red tape. So, we wanted to improve the education for all students by helping all the stakeholders to be able to do more.


The major goal with Innovative School Tools is to offer the needed tools that can intensely change the balance of work and generate an atmosphere that encourages excellence teaching and learning that is engaged. While we endeavor to encounter this goal, we are also aware of our mission statement to advance education for all students by aiding all the stakeholders to be able to do more.


There are three big buckets that this website deals with and they include:

  • Parental contact and engagement;
  • Behavior management/positive behavior system;
  • Response to intervention.

This website helps teachers to keep in touch with parents and help them keep up with the progress of their child regarding effort, schoolwork, and ability to follow rules, plus room for comments. This includes:

  • Section for teachers and parents to write comments as well as notes to each other;
  • Pages with tips for parenting, such as “Building Your child’s self-esteem, practice promote a love of learning, and learn good communication;
  • Learn how to be great parents, great schools, a great student with great teachers all being stakeholders in the education of our children.

TeachersInTouch is exactly teachers have been wanting, for decades – a one stop shop software solution that aids in reducing paperwork and increasing both teacher and student accountability.

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