The Role of Parents, Teachers, and Providers in an Effective Home Tuition

Published On August 13, 2018 | By Jude Robinson | Education

There are many Home Tuition SingaporeThis paper describes the development of the tutorial function as a tool for educational institutions to support students who face difficulties in their academic performance. In addition, it describes the benefits and difficulties that the student can find both in traditional (face-to-face) and distance (non-face-to-face) tutoring and the role of the tutor as a counselor that encourages the motivation to study and apply knowledge to that the student increases their academic performance.

One of the most important aspects of any educational work is the human relationship that is established between teacher and student; the latter needs an interlocutor between the team of professors, the directors of the institution and himself, to whom he can plant concrete problems, whether personal or group, and which will guide him when choosing and plan work in the academic, professional or personal.

Based on the foregoing, tutoring is considered an educational strategy for attention to students where the teacher discusses with the tutor on various issues and monitors quality standards. The mission is to prevent future problems of amputation to the educational scenario and intervene in issues of academic performance. Therefore, tutoring deals with problems related to study skills, reading and comprehension, learning difficulties, test anxiety, emotional stability, attitudes towards the profession, career options, among others.

While the background of mentoring goes back to when someone accepted the responsibility of guiding the formation of a person, in history, there are many approaches to the concept.

Appearance Of Tutoring

With the emergence of systematized education, tutoring is formalized and gradually begins to appear in most schools, becoming over time a widespread practice that is becoming increasingly important worldwide

Among the recent examples of tutoring highlights the English system, whose mechanics are based on the development of written work or essays, using topics that are proposed by the teacher for the student to develop their thinking skills, criticism and argumentation

In an increasingly dangerous and violent world, children and young people are exposed to greater risks and dangers. Parents, in turn, feel that their work occupations overwhelm them by spending less time observing how their children are developing and how they are forming their personality, their values, and their talents. The problems are presented both in public schools and private some of them have more personal and material resources to implement an orientation and tutoring service, but in others the limitations of these resources are evident.

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