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Published On July 19, 2018 | By Jude Robinson | Online Education

There’s a huge shift today with students and parents being comfortable with online education rather in physical classrooms and traditional schooling. Online education programmes help to get rid of high costs, high tuition fees, shortage of courses, budget cuts, and limit class sizes. According to a survey, it is believed that around 3-3.5 million people get enrolled in the fully online degree programmes while 8-9 million people enroll themselves for the part-time online degree programmes. Here are certain benefits, which help the students to have the best education.

The Large Variety of Online Courses

Students can find a wide variety of courses and programmes (accredited or not) online by university sites or institutions. At the time of writing this article, courses on life sciences to the rocket science are available online. This is a huge shift from what was acceptable just 8 years ago. The industry of online courses and e-learning is where platforms and websites such as Project Jaguar and Schquiz come into play. Project Jaguar is a global education marketplace with a large variety of accredited courses. Schquiz is more of a quizzing platform that evaluates a student’s performance through short quizzes and systematically chooses which modules a student needs to focus on in a study routine.

The shift to Online Courses

Schools are switching to offering courses with companies like Project Jaguar and digitizing the workflow involved in creating lesson plans. Online Courses are slowly becoming more standardized and Project Jaguar is just one of the top players in the industry.

Distance Learning = Cheaper Learning

Education with local teachers can get expensive. Especially with teachers acquiring Ph.D. and Masters degrees. distance learning is a borderless solution to this problem. So a great way to start with distance learning for multiple courses is through an education marketplace like Project Jaguar.

More comfortable

Instead of going to a physical institution for studying, many universities and schools have realized that students are more comfortable learning in their own homes. Colleges, Universities, and schools have also caught on how much money can be saved by adapting to this change. We’re seeing a change in the education industry on a level never seen before.

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