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Published On July 11, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

The best secondary schools in the UK have finally been revealed. Official figures are now in to showcase which institutions have performed above and beyond expectations between the years 2016 and 2017. Read on and find out if your school is in.

Schools that are included in this list are judged using a measure which is known as Progress 8. This is a method that looks into the progress that pupils have made between the end of their primary school and towards the end of their secondary.

There are different ways that the progress of students is assessed. However, for this particular list, the pupil’s progress is based on the results that they acquired across eight GCSEs and then comparing this with the overall achievement of other pupils who happen to have about the same ability.

Underperformance has been a problem that a number of schools across the UK have been facing, according to education professional Peter Gale Headteacher. The figures reveal that instead of improving, there seems to be an overall deterioration in the performance of a number of UK schools. This is especially true in secondary institutions where it was revealed that in 2017, one in every eight mainstream secondary’s in the country was performing significantly poorly.

This is quite a concern though since the figures show that it is up from the statistics in 2010 which was pegged at one in ten.

The question has remained though on why there seems to be a steady rise in the number of schools that have been under-performing. According to the Department of Education, this rise may be due to the changes that have been introduced to the system that was used to assess a school’s performance. Recently, there have been technical changes that were introduced to the points system that statisticians from the government are using to help calculate a schools performance.

This increase also comes amid various major changes in the exams system across the country. This includes introducing a brand new grading system. This meant that the data now includes the Math and English GCSE results awarded new grades for 9-1. Meanwhile, the rats of the subjects all received the usual grades of A*-G.

According to school leaders, this new system of grading affecting maths and English has made how the calculation of the performance of schools to become more complicated. This is because the whole thing now has to be sorted through the use of a combination of both new and old grading systems. Some experts have stated though that this might be unfair that a lot of schools now find themselves in the situation where they are tagged as under-performing just because of the complex manner in which the results are complicated.

Despite these figures though, the top secondary schools have been revealed with Tauheedul Islam Girl’s School in Blackburn at the top and Wembley High Technology College in Wembley and Tauheedul Islam Boy’s High School in Blackburn rounding up the second and third spots respectively. Meanwhile, Battersea’s Harris Academy and The Steiner Academy in Hereford complete the fourth and the fifth spots.

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