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Published On November 8, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Teaching

Endured for centuries, the practice of painting has been revered as the greatest hobby possible. Not just any artistic endeavor but painting or coloring can be a benevolent factor to both your mind and body. Stated commonly by psychologists and doctors, painting or coloring can reduce tediousness and remove the mind’s grief. Great therapy and a stimulator, coloring, and painting have stood the test of time and still proves to be one of the best calming methods of both the mind and body.

History of Colouring books and Painting:

The critical component of childhood, coloring books existed even before the crayon era. Crayons were first produced around the year 1900. Before that, the coloring books were painting books. The painting books were usually famous for watercolor illustrations. After mass popularization of crayons, the development of coloring books began with newspaper publishing illustrations of colorful designs. It was strongly and widely believed that the coloring books with designs elevated the spirits of the mind. The era of 60’s is believed by many to be the ‘golden age’ of the coloring books as almost all popular and famous characters were captured with colors in that age.

Painting, on the other hand, is a never-ending chain. The history of painting will date back to the time when the first picture was ever drawn or made. The passing years have been a witness that the subject of a painting can be based on innumerable things, people, feelings, emotions, scriptures, epics, etc. Subjects have sometimes been the same for many essential paintings and sometimes differed according to the artists and time. Many factors are responsible for the muse of a painting-developing the vision of the artist according to circumstances. Click here to find out more about how coloring and painting have survived through the times.

This blog helps us to the following Benefits of Painting and coloring:

  • It helps people to communicate and become a little more of a social being. Painting aids your personality to speak in your original language. It acts as a non-verbal medium of communication. It gives wings to the imagination of the mind, thoughts, and feelings. People who are differently abled can express themselves well through coloring designs.
  • Nothing can boost your self-esteem or self-confidence more than bright colors on a white canvass. It increases the strength of your individuality and personality. Positive feedback from everyone can shoot your confidence to sky levels.
  • It increases your concentration and improves your motor skills. Painting alone can sharpen the coordination of hand-eye coordination. It builds essential skills by improving their creativity. Nothing but pure energy is transformed from one form to another as the mind’s sharp imagination comes out on a sheet of paper, more creation and wonder can result into one person spending hours painting without any sign of tiredness, unlike the other habits and activities.

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