St. John’s Grammar ELC Offers a Montessori Education and More

Published On January 4, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

Starting at ‘St. John’s Grammar’ ELC (Early Learning Centre) is the beginning of their education in the Grammar School at St. John’s which delivers a Montessori education for any child at the age of 3 & 4-year-olds. This gives them a qualified education by well-qualified teachers. The aim of the Early Learning Centre is to make certain that each child flourishes in this knowledge environment that is rich, inspiring individual exploration, curiosity, and creativity.

Joy in learning

This ELC is situated in a scenic bushland setting with views of Adelaide and the coastline. These students gain the understanding of the joy of learning in a peaceful and natural environment that is shared with kookaburras, koalas, geckos, and parrots.

The day

The day at the early learning center  is open from 7:30 am to 6 pm daily, with the Montessori-based curriculum delivered between the hours of 9 am and 3:15 pm.

Personal circumstances

They offer a simple, but a full-day option of booking for the days that are best for each student in between Monday to Friday, and the number of days that suit each between 2 to 5 per week. Your booking favorite can be updated every semester if needed, in line with any changes to your own family’s situations.


They are very good at understanding that every family has a diversity of obligations in their lives, and this allows for greater options as well as being flexible in accessing the ELC’s hours around these commitments. They also offer the opportunity for students to spend any additional time occupied within our Montessori based ELC program.

Offer vacation care

To enhance their services to families, they also have a ‘Vacation Care program’ at ELC which is precise to each 3 as well as 4-year-old students, separate from their already existing Vacation Care package for Junior School. This may be booked on a casual, as needed basis for every individual child and family.

Personal tour

To arrange a family tour of the Early Learning Centre or to inquire about enrolling your child, please interact with the Registrar’s office of Tim Wilson, who can be emailed at or you may call at 8278 0210.

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