Secret MCAT Study Tips To Help You Ace the  Exam

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Are you worried about your MCAT? Below are helpful tips to help you perform excellently in your MCAT.

Practice Makes Perfect

Regularly train your studies on two main areas:

  • How to apply basic knowledge to new situations
  • How to reason out and think through arguments

The two areas above are always tested, either in a different or similar format. This measure will help you weed out what you do not have to practice on, and save you time. Of course, you will need to expand and sharpen your knowledge of science, but not to the extent most candidates think.

Regular Self-Examination

In order to sustain consistent improvement, constantly evaluate your performance. After you have answered your questions and tallied your scores, use your results to identify possible areas of improvement. Note the questions you always get wrong, answer tricks you repeatedly fall for, passages which slow you down, and reasons for your wrong choice of answers.

Stress Management is Important

Control your physical and psychological condition to study and practice well. Burying yourself in academic work at the expense of other activities is always counterproductive. Always make time for working out, relaxation and hobbies, when planning for regular study times.

Perfect Your Areas of Strength

Evaluate how you got to the right answers. Take note if you knowingly avoided question traps and of the types of questions, you are specifically strong on. Ensure also that you do not depend on luck or guesswork.

Know How To Deal with Distractions

Practice your ability to tune out of your surroundings when working. You can do your assignments in a reasonably quiet cafeteria or busy library. Think of and explore different ways in which you can do practice tests or passages, under less conducive situations.

Take Many Practice Tests

Build your confidence by giving yourself enough experience. You can do many passages at a stretch and then take advantage of  Best MCAT study materials

Build Your Accuracy Levels

Even if you are aiming at improving your speed, start your training with untimed tests or practicals. This rule is important because you have to learn to apply a newly acquired concept accurately, before knowing to apply or do it fast. After you have fully mastered the concept, start recording the time you take on a section or a passage. Focus on how to avoid some mistakes, even as you seek to increase your speed.

Identify Your Baseline

Take a full-length practice exam to know the score you would earn, if a test was administered impromptu. The environment for the mock test should be as similar to the one for the real exam as possible. The results you obtain will guide your study plan, by letting you know your weak points and areas of strength. Give weak points priority.

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