Requirements and track of study of medical school in Israel

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Israel serves the great field for medicine. If you wish to take admission in the medical school of Israel. To get accepted in any medical school of Israel, there are some requirements and criteria. Below is the overview, track of the study of a medical school in Israel

Medical schools in Israel offer 3 ways to study

1. A seven-year program, here you do not require the degree. These programs are offered by various universities like Hebrew University, The Technion, Tel Aviv and MSIH at Ben-Gurion University.

2. The four-year program, here you will require a Bachelor’s degree. These programs are available at universities like Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University.

3. The last option is one to three years program, which also requires a degree and may also require going abroad for a part of a study in the course. These programs are available at various medical schools including Sackler School of Medicine at Tel University, The Medical School for International Health at Ben-Gurion University. Basic

Requirements of the Medical Schools in Israel for Acceptance

1. Psychometric:-

The Psychometric is compulsory for applying in any medical school Israel. The Psychometric score is considered in any university of Medical School in Israel, but if you want to take admission in the International School, then you need MCAT score rather than Psychometric Score. There is a different range of the Score for medical schools which ranges from 200 to 800. Some Universities Like Hebrew and Tel Aviv has cut off of 735.

2. Mechina:-

Mechina Program is carried out to qualify for an exemption.

3. Hebrew Level Requirement:-

Hebrew Proficiency Test Mivchan YAEL will be required to qualify for the acceptance. National Institute for Testing and Evaluation carry outs the YAEL test. YAEL test range from 50 to 150. Different institutes have different cut-offs of YAEL score, there for a minimum score of one institute may not be the same for the other institute.

4. Entrance Exam and Interview:-

Some medical schools have placement test and require to attend a face to face individual interview sections for acceptance.

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