Reasons to Prefer Reading Books over Watching Movies

Published On August 29, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

The whole world is divided into 3 types of people, ones who can spend hours sitting in front of a screen watching whatever they find, second group of people who prefer the visual representation of stories and therefore watch selected content over the screen, and the last ones who have great imagination and instead of watching everything over the screen, they like to read it and live the fantasy. Films can present the whole information in front of the viewers in their way, but a reader can interpret the real meaning of the text according to him and can live everything.

Here are some of the reasons that can compel anyone to prefer reading books over watching movies

1. Character Reading:

Whenever we watch any movie, there are different characters presented in the film. The viewers do not have to put much effort to understand the complete nature of the character. However, in a book, a reader requires complete concentration and excitement to dig out the real character of the protagonist and other members present in the novel, abstract or journal.

2. Living in the world:

While watching movies, one cannot imagine performing all the activities performed by the character in the film as the mind does not allow switching the real face with the viewer. However, while reading the book, one can easily imagine performing all the activities performed by the favorite character as they do not impose the face of the character unlike in movies, and in this way, the reader can live the fantasy of the novel.

3. Time-bound:

Filmmakers are bound with a time limit in which they have to picture the entire plot, story, characters, and many different things to showcase the real beauty of the story. It is not possible most of the times to represent everything within a period of 3 hours. But there is no limit of time and resources while reading a story since a person can avail as much time as he/she wants to complete it.

4. Availability:

Movies have several perquisites as it requires an audio connection, video connection, along with a device with proper storage and internet facilities to watch them. Most of the movies get lost after the person has viewed them. Unlike movies, books always stay connected with the person as there are no perquisites to read a book and one can take the book out and start reading anywhere, anytime. Books are available with the person whenever he/she requires them as they are always present on a shelf near the bed.

These points can compel anyone to switch from wasting time on movies to enhancing the reading capacity over books as it is always easier and better to read than to watch in order to establish a strong connectivity with the story presented in abstract, book or journal.

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