Preparing for college – Tips for high school students and graduates

Published On February 11, 2019 | By Jude Robinson | College

College is an interesting part of life for every person who has been through one. For prospective freshmen and high school graduates, this period may be perceived with a lot of mixed emotions.

For some, they can barely contain the excitement and anxiety of joining the college of their dreams. For others, the excitement may be due to the flashy life that is portrayed on Hollywood movies of the fast and adrenaline-filled life with beer, fun and endless parties. Others may be scared of what they know about college, the huge tasks, the deadlines and the stress that accompanies an undergrad degree.

Below are some tips you can use to prepare yourself for college and ensure that your stint in college is fruitful.

Before graduating high school

1. Take honors and AP college credit classes

It is never too early to start prepping for college. Taking advantage of college credit classes offered in high school might be the best decision of your pre-college life, especially if they are related to the college major you intend to take. These not only look good on your college application but also save you some extra tuition fee that is charged for them in college.

2. Get involved in co-curricular activities

Every school has clubs and sports. These are meant to hone your skills outside of class and also give you valuable skills like leadership and teamwork. Participating in these gives you an upper hand in college applications.

3. You don’t have to be scared of what you’ll major in

A reason why many college applicants put off college applications is that of their indecisiveness on the major they will take. This does not have to put pressure on you. Most colleges accept applicants with unspecified majors provided your papers are good. Career counselors will help you make an informed decision on the major you should choose.

After graduating high school

1. Prepare yourself financially

In your first semester in your freshman year, getting your finances managed will be difficult. You will have to spend a lot of money settling in especially if you get admitted to an out-of-town college. There are also expenses like groceries and other miscellaneous expenses. Moreover, getting a job might not be an easy task in the first semester. You should, therefore, be financially prepared for your first year in college.

2. It’s okay to be scared

There is no wrong or correct way of doing college. Most of us barely knew what we were doing half the time we were there. The new surroundings and meeting new people might seem scary but later on in life, its mainly the connections you made in college that help you through life.

3. Don’t be in a rush to choose a major

A common mistake that freshmen make is choosing a major. Various choices influence your choice of major but NEVER be in a rush to choose one. Take your time to evaluate the choices presented, what you are passionate about and consult with your career counselor. The major you take determines much of your adult life and it most likely will be the biggest choice of your life. It should be treated as so.

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