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Published On January 25, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

Piano is an instrument which fascinates everybody but not everybody can stick with the instrument as learning a piano lessons require a lot of patience, time and efforts. So, just be really sure before choosing a piano teacher/school.

Who is the student?

Now, the question arises for whom are you seeking a piano school? Is it for your child, your brother or yourself? In any case, you know whom to pick, as it’s your child and not anybody else’s and you know your child, your brother or yourself the best. After finding the school, fix a meeting with the allotted teacher in order to have a one-to-one conversation and ask all your queries. Observe the teachers and if possible sit in during a class and see how the teacher interacts with the students.

Experience or out of the box methods; what counts?

Some teachers are not experienced and we see that what people expect at most from them is that they make the student enjoy the piano lessons and not think of it professionally. But a good teacher is the one who loves the challenge of unlocking an unusual mind or body. A creative student needs a creative teacher with new ideas.

Choose a school that is conveniently located

Try to find a school that is in your neighborhood. This is very important because after the whole day’s work you wouldn’t want to travel too far for your piano lessons. So, you should pick one that is either near your workplace or near your home. If you are looking for a piano school for your child then pick a place that is very close to your home so that your child can travel to and from the school easily without you having to worry about their safety.

A timetable that suits you

You should work out the timetable and choose an ideal time. Choose a school which offers classes during that time. Try not to be too picky in the beginning.

A pocket-friendly option

Pocket-friendly schools are the best and not too hard to find. A good piano school will include information about how much and when you’ll pay, how to obtain supplies and pay for them and a cancellation policy. Go to a school with reasonable and flexible fees.

Look for a school in which teachers are understanding, and can sometimes vary the teaching routines in times of need. For starters, go through newspaper ads, sites or ask your friends. You’ll surely have a good time once you find a good school.

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