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Published On July 4, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Online Education

Live tutoring is online tutoring in an online classroom environment, with the student and teacher in real-time but not being in the same place. This element in real-time, while is a technical contest, sets live online tutoring separately from traditional online tutoring as it tries to mimic in-person collaboration as close as possible rather than merely enabling the transfer of knowledge.

Improve grade with online tutoring

Students gain confidence, develop skills for studying and improve their grades. The live one-to-one online tutoring to help many students to get grades in school those are better, also scoring well in competitive tests.

Provide the same tutor

This is unlike those who offer this instant tutoring on help homework only the tutors spend time creation for the sessions. Though sessions are prescheduled, the students can interact with the online tutors through instant messaging for any help quickly.

Qualified tutors

Our tutors are very qualified in fact most have Masters’ Degrees in the topic that they tutor in. Some of the tutors are Ph.D.’s. At a minimum, every one of online tutors has a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject they tutor. They also go through wide-ranging training prior to being put on the job.

Same books

We follow the same textbook that the student has in school. This aids the tutor in clearly understanding the student’s needs and to coordinate online tutoring session with the lessons.

Managed tutoring

Each child has a Manager who oversees tutoring to meet the child’s needs and maintains a connection with the parents. This Manager likewise manages the child’s teacher(s) to ensure success. Over and above this, there is a Quality Control Department set up to manage by Senior Education Directors who work to settle academic problems giving need to the tutors, ensuring the online tutoring.


Existing live online tutoring services most of the time includes the following features to connect student and tutors:

  • Video link
  • Audio link
  • Text chat
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Feedback

Some services also provided include:

  • Document sharing, upload, and download
  • Synchronized document editing
  • Screen sharing and recording
  • Math tools (such as equation editors, graph plotters, and more)

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