Medical Crowdfunding for Various Cancers: Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Published On May 19, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Online Education

Kaposi’s sarcoma is one of the rarest kinds of cancers, widely known to be associated with HIV/AIDS. Kaposi’s cancer cells grow in the blood vessels of the body, which means it can develop in any part of the body. This makes cancer especially difficult to trace and therefore, late diagnosis is a common problem among patients.

Most commonly, however, the cancer is seen to appear as tumors or mucosal surfaces on the skin, lungs, digestive tract or even inside the mouth of the individual. The cancer cells group to form what is known as “lesions” on the skin. Lesions look like blotches which are brown, red or purple in color.

Kaposi’s sarcoma tumors are likely to cause internal bleeding and severe difficulty in breathing. The rapid advancement of medical technology and medication, however, has significantly reduced the risk of developing this condition, with less than 100,000 new cases in India per year. Patients that do get affected usually turn to medical crowdfunding India platforms like Impact Guru to help afford treatment.

There are different kinds of Kaposi’s sarcoma:

  1. Epidemic Kaposi’s sarcoma: the most common kind, it usually arises in AIDS patients.
  2. Classic Kaposi’s sarcoma: known to affect the elderly in the Mediterranean, Eastern European and Middle Eastern regions.
  3. Endemic Kaposi’s sarcoma: usually arises in people living in African regions.
  4. Iatrogenic Kaposi’s sarcoma: this is the kind of Kaposi’s sarcoma that shows up in individuals whose immune systems have been compromised after an organ transplant procedure.
  5. Though it isn’t named, a kind of Kaposi’s sarcoma also affects HIV negative men who have sex with men.

How do you treat the condition?

Treatment of this cancer is similar to those of others; multiple sessions of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biologic or immunotherapy and also, a process called electrodesiccation. Besides an oncologist, depending on your symptoms, a dermatologist and an infectious disease specialist may also be involved in your treatment.

Indian patients are usually given medical bills of an estimate as high as Rs 20 lakh. Many patients opt for loans after much difficulty only to face the crippling burden of paying them back in heavy installments with interest. Some borrow from family and friends, which puts valuable relationships in danger. An effective, risk-free and surprisingly speedy solution is the crowdfunding India platform like Impact Guru.

How do you run a medical crowdfunding campaign to raise funds in time?

  1. Good, emotional and informative storytelling is step one. Explain the patient’s condition in detail and break down treatment costs.
  2. Smart social media strategy is step two. Facebook and Whatsapp have been observed to be the most effective social media platforms for crowdfunding India Use personal messages, public appeals, and regular campaign updates and sharing to engage donors.
  3. Make sure your family, colleagues, friends donate to your fundraiser as soon as it is live and share with their contacts.

If your loved one is in need of funds, don’t hesitate. Begin today.

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