MaxStat Is a New and Easy to Learn Software for Statistical Analysis

Published On March 9, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

MaxStat is software that is easy to learn and quite affordable software for statistics. The version that is Lite is for use for free if it is for purposes that are non-commercial. This software can finish your statistical analysis in only 3 steps within only one box of dialog. This software is great for students and those young researchers since it leads the user through every step of the analysis.

100 common used tests

MaxStat handles over 100 statistical tests that are common and this software makes it quite easy to understand the results as well as create graphs that are high-quality. The software includes the following:

  • Description
  • Nonlinear or Linear regression
  • Hypothesis
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Correlation
  • Times series

Design experiments

MaxStat will even help the user to design experimentation by calculating sample power and sizes. MaxStat Pro link will take you to a total list of statistical analyses and will show you more of how this software performs. You will be able to create over 30 various graph styles, including:

  • Bar
  • Scatter Plots
  • Box-whisker
  • Regression lines
  • Biplots

If you are not a professional statistician, with this software, everyone will think you are. MaxStat will help you find all the statistical tests you need. All you need to do is briefly give a description of your data and MaxStat will decide the correct tests for you to use. MaxStat offers a basic explanation of the test selected or you can get detailed information by clicking the Learn button.

Results easy to understand

At MaxStat, they make knowing and using statistics easy, but they also give you results that are easy to understand. You won’t need to be a statistical expert to understand any of the conclusions as well as can understand them quickly in the standings of your scientific questions. The results can be exported into Excel, so you can show your conclusions with your classmates, professor, or a colleague. Or you can print your results or even put them into MaxStat’s own word processor.

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