Level 3 Business and Management Diploma in Malaysia

Published On December 6, 2017 | By Melissa Lynch | Education

In just 6 months you can obtain an accreditation for Business and Management studies that opens the door to many job opportunities with top companies in the country and abroad. The Diploma is recognized worldwide as being of British standards equivalent to the level HE qualifications. With such a qualification you have necessary skills to be successful in a career or you might want to further your studies for a 1st-year management degree or 2 years British Bachelor degree.

Advantages of obtaining a level 3 qualification

Business graduates are widely sought worldwide and level 3 qualification allows you to put your foot in the door. You start low but aim high because level 3 provides you with all the skills necessary to be successful.

  • Flexibility:

If you have a high school diploma, this is the opportunity to seek a better career. Regardless whether you’re working, the program provides you with the flexibility to arrange your studies around your work. Once you have completed the programme, you may also seek for career progression by obtaining a bachelor degree within two years.

  • Worldwide recognition:

    As an accredited Ofqual organization by ATHE United Kingdom, the college has worldwide recognition which implies the HE qualification for level 3 Business and Management Studies and that of the other programmes offered by the college are accepted for entrance in Universities worldwide.

Great infrastructure and low cost

Studying in Malaysia allows you to benefit from state of the art infrastructure and high-level education at a very affordable cost. The academy has infrastructure comparable to those in the United State, the United Kingdom, and others. However, the cost to study is comparatively low, affordable with flexible payment plans.

The registration process is very easy. You can access websites such as www.info-awards.com and submit an online registration form.: Learning Award Academy (LAA) is one of the best-blended learning academies in Malaysia. It receives hundreds of international students each year. Taking a step forward by registering allows you to gain essential skills and open the door to a brighter future.

Opportunities to further your education or to be employed by top companies in Malaysia or worldwide.

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