Laboratory Balance and Its Significance in the Workplace

Published On May 11, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

In the workplace, especially in the industrial, chemical, schools, and commercial sectors obtaining the right measurement is a must. If you are working in the aforementioned industries, then you know very well the importance of accuracy, reliability, and adherence to the standards. Good thing a laboratory balance exists. There are various types of balances that can be used in the laboratory setting. Examples are precision and analytical balances.

Their significance in the workplace is as follows:

Precision and accuracy

There are various types of balances and the two most common are the precision and analytical balances. As the names suggest, they are designed for accurate and precise measurement, which make them helpful in laboratory work. There are various models to choose from and each model has their own unique application mode. They also vary in readability and weight capacity, which will determine the type of object that can be weighed. For a high degree of precision, the ideal tool to use is the analytical lab balance.

Advanced capabilities

If you are looking for advanced capabilities, then analytical and precision balances are a great choice. Most of these tools have advanced features such as density determination, differential weighing, pipette calibration and formulation, and statistical QC. With analytical balance, you have the option to choose between the internal motor-driven calibration and external motor-driven calibration. Other available options include the one with a clock, draft shield doors that can be removed, counting features, and the likes.

Where can you buy laboratory balances?

Laboratory balances are readily available from wholesalers and retailers that sell laboratory equipment. You can find various marks and brands and they vary in prices. It is a smart decision to go for high-quality products. Although they are a bit pricey you will surely get your money’s worth. Aside from the price, you also need to check the features and simplicity of use. Some balances have advanced features but they too are quite difficult to use. Always go for the simplicity of use, durability, and longevity. Choose a brand that has been in the industry for many years now.

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