Importance of Personalized Education Plan

Published On April 1, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

Our traditional education system has been failing to provide an enjoyable learning experience for the kids. Every kid has to study from the same syllabus which makes them lose their interest in studies. Moreover, the syllabus rarely gets any updates at all. After losing their interests fields they only try to chase the grades to keep up with the tests and exams. With their lost interest in school curriculum starts the domino effect of bad grades. Once who was a topper in school becomes a terrible performer.

We must understand the fact that every kid should be treated as an individual. Two kids sitting together in the same classroom doesn’t mean that they will have the same interests. One might have interest in solving complex mathematical problems. Whereas, the other one might be good in painting portraits. Sadly, our education system becomes a burden upon the kids as they being forced to learn things out of their interests. In the initial stage, this leads to sudden fall in grades and IQ levels.

However, in the later stages, this could even lead to anxiety issues as they feel left out of the learning process. Career options are also very limited with the traditional form of learning. And out of those limited options, the success rates are very low when the participant is not interested at all. In this world of stiff competition, we need more professions to survive. There’s no point of learning things which are irrelevant to our profession. For example; if I want to become the next Shakespeare then what is the point of learning Pythagoras theorem? Instead, we could spend more time in our field of interests to achieve the best out of us.

What we need is some dynamic approach to the education system which ensures a healthy participation of all students in the learning process. Here’s where personalized learning comes into work. It provides proper instructional approaches which are optimized for an individual kid. This ultimately makes the learning process more enjoyable and relevant.

Technology and the tendency to change play a crucial role in personalized education. “Adapt improvise overcome” becomes the main motto of the learning process in this method of learning. Merry Spell is a personalized education program that works an effective add-on to the traditional schooling. So just like we add a nutritional drink to a glass of milk for better nutritional value.

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