How to Make Characters in Children’s Books Ones That Are Remembered

Published On September 29, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Education

If you write children’s books, you can have a fantastic plot, but without good children’s book characters, your book will just fall flat.


The characters in children’s books; they are what bring the entire story to life. So, why do so many book reviewers forget to talk about them in their reviews? Characters are so important and need to be their very best.


If children don’t connect with the book characters going on a trip, the story stops as the child’s interest is gone. Reading then becomes just words instead of imagining how the story is playing out.


Good characters are just like real people and they exist somewhere in every book especially before being created. Stories without them are like bread without butter, iced tea without ice – nothing can happen without well-formed characters helping along, whether it’s animals, humans, ghosts, vampires or aliens. These are the characters kids are drawn to. So, while writing the story, you need to already know what the characters need to be to stand the test of time.


It is not surprising that a parents’ perspective on what makes a kid’s book good reading for kids is quite unlike what kids tend to choose for themselves. Children are drawn to characters that are some combination of brave, smart and strong but they need to also have some weaknesses.


Harry Potter is a good example of a character’s weaknesses. Not only does he enter a magical world with no savvy or context, but he is also impulsive and hot-headed. This moves the story along as he makes problems for himself. While he grows and learns as a character, he is never going to be perfect – but this makes him an interesting human for all readers, not only the young ones.

People say

Some people say that characters always occur in the brain, you just must look for them and then give those added characteristics. But, others say that characters don’t just happen, and you need to spend lots of time developing them from scratch using your own imagination. You almost need to be child-like when you are developing the characters for your book.

This post should give any children’s book writer some insight on how children’s book characters need to be developed.

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