How to Get Started as a Qualified English Tutor

Published On July 20, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Teaching

With the changing times, becoming an online tutor and teaching remotely is increasing in demand. More people are now seeking ways to have their kids taught at home. If you are looking to become an online tutor, one of the best areas to venture to is becoming a qualified English tutor at home. It can be a bit stressful starting out. This guide should help you learn all the ropes on becoming a qualified English tutor at home.

So, how do you go about it?

  • Start by working for an established company

Most people will not agree with this, but the best way to start off your career as a qualified English tutor at home is by working for an already established company. There are so many companies on the internet that offer remote teaching. These act great as an internship opportunity. What’s important is to identify a company that already has students looking for lessons in your time zone. Although the pay may not be great at first, most companies will offer you training. This will help you improve your skills as well as your confidence as a qualified English tutor.

  • Create a blog

A blog can prove to be a very useful tool in your career as an English tutor at home. Through your blog, you can get a place to save all your material such that your students are able to access it all from one place. Of course, this will make your work easier. What’s more, your blog can act as your marketing tool. Once you have developed a sizeable following, clients can get to see the kind of services you provide and hire you through the platform. It is important to have authentic material on your blog although you can use resources from the internet.

  • Get the necessary equipment

Although you do not require much to start out, be sure to have all the necessary equipment. To be a qualified English tutor, you will first have to get the necessary qualifications. If possible, get a way to prove to your clients that you are actually qualified. Besides the certification, high-speed internet, as well as a good pair of headsets, can come in handy.

  • Join a community on online teachers

Truth be told, working from home as an English tutor can certainly get lonely. For this reason, it is important that you join a community of people who are doing what you do as well. There are a couple of such communities all over the internet. Find one and connect with the members. Not only will you be getting support from your peers, you will also get to learn some new things as well as some hacks to ensure your career is successful.

  • Learn to manage your time more efficiently

The key to a successful online career is the art of time management. Seeing as you will be working under no one’s supervision, it is crucial to have the discipline. Effective time management will ensure that you are working the right amount of hours and ultimately getting the most out of your career.

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