How to Apply to a Caribbean Medical School

Published On October 14, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Education
  • Can you study outside of the US? If you have restrictions on travel, whether due to legal issues or concerns about conditions in another country, it’s important to research these issues before you begin the application process. However, most individuals who can get a passport or visa are more than qualified to study overseas.
  • Make sure your undergraduate requirements are in place and sufficient for the school you’re applying to. Much like applying for a foreign college, the requirements are often different compared to a simple transfer between colleges in the US. Having a strong background in science will help improve your chances of being accepted. Take care of any additional coursework before applying if possible.
  • Study for and take the MCAT exam. It’s required of most graduate-level medical programs in the Caribbean and will help show that you’re serious about your medical career, improving your chances of being accepted after you apply to a Caribbean medical school that fits your needs.
  • Work on your admissions essay and letters of recommendation. By taking the time to make sure you really shine in these documents, you can improve your chances of acceptance. If you’re asking for a letter of recommendation from someone who seems reluctant, take the time to talk to them about what you’re trying to do and what you want to accomplish to ensure you’ll get a good recommendation.
  • Consider the timeline and paperwork. Take a good look at the school’s calendar to determine when particular documents need to be delivered to the school. If you’ll be using regular mail, make sure to allow extra time for international delivery to avoid missed deadlines. Don’t forget to apply for your passport and any visas you may need to ensure you’ll be able to attend. Take some time to learn about your new country and school.

By being aware of what’s involved in applying for and attending a medical school in the Caribbean, you’ll be much better prepared for the process and much less likely to run into any issues along the way. Are you ready to apply to a top medical school in the Caribbean? If so, why not take a look at what Trinity has to offer and apply to a Caribbean medical school. Your future is waiting in the beautiful climate of St. Vincent.

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