How Social Media can be Useful for Research Dissemination

Published On March 14, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Online Education

The ever-increasing prevalence of social media in modern society may prove to be beneficial for making research findings more accessible not only to the academic community but to the rest of the public as well. This can present numerous dissemination opportunities that the scientific community can greatly benefit from. Social media can be seen as the modern man’s response towards the need for humans to socialize. Since the advent of the internet, it has remained a crucial tool in the interactivity. It has also given the same interactivity to the current trend in social media, which has continued to increase.

Traditionally for researchers and scientists, interactions offline with friends and family might mean that they will end up discussing their work everyone in a while. However the internet and through the use of social media, it is possible for a researcher or a scientist to reach out, connect, and interact with more people. This means that the opportunity to share with more people about the work that you do and the benefits it entails has significantly increased as well.

It should not be an understatement though to say that social media is causing a revolution in the communications industry. Channels such as Twitter and Facebook are becoming such huge platforms to the public. This is why they are seen to play such a very crucial role in terms of being tools for communication. Still, it is also a fact that many scientists and researchers do still shy away from using these tools to their advantage.

What should be remembered though is that platforms like ResearchFeaturea and social media do not really wait for no one. This means that if you arrived late, it is very likely that you will get drowned out by the rest of the active users that have already been there ahead of you. The later you get on board, the less likely it is for your voice to be heard. This is why if you want to raise your voice amidst the crowd, you need to be a fast mover in social media.

When you are a recognized personality in your field, most people these days who are interested with the work that you do are likely to flock to social media to try and find you to follow you and get more updates about you and the work that you are doing now. Imagine the disappointment that these people are likely going to feel when they find out that you are not in any of the major platforms out there.

There has always been a divide between people in the academia and those in the general public. There is a need to get that divide bridged so people get a better understanding of the work that researchers and scientists do and how it benefits them. If this means sharing your findings in more accessible platforms like social media, then the research world will be all the better for it.

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