High School Education: Innovative Teaching Methods for Educators

Published On March 5, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

One of the things that should always be considered a part of the core of any educational system is innovation. The ability to keep up with the times is one very crucial tool for effective and excellent education.

It is sometimes a challenge for many high school teachers to keep their classes interested and focused. In a modern world where attention span has become shorter and shorter thanks to technology and digitalization, it is up to the educator to find ways to make classroom time lively, entertaining, engaging and fun.

A crucial skill for high school teachers is to constantly find innovative and new teaching methods. Certain methods, when done right, are able to enhance the learning process. Read on and find out about the numerous techniques that you can apply to your classroom.


It is usually hard for students to wrap their head against facts that are disconnected. A knowledge that is connected and organized to specific concepts, along with the ability to visualize concepts, is most useful for transferring knowledge into a longer-term and deeper understanding of whatever it is that is being taught.

As a teaching strategy, visualization is good for literacy and reading teachers as this will help students understand the subjects as well as recall and think critically about what they are studying.

Wisely managed technology

Computers, digital cameras, tablets, GPS devices, and video conferencing technology are all useful at enhancing the learning experience of the students. There are numerous ways that technology can be used in the classroom including the use of video games to teach foreign languages or math. Skype can also be used in classrooms to allow guest speakers from around the world to speak directly to the class. Students can also be tasked to work on multimedia projects to allow them to explore such subject matters as audio, film, as well as software.

When introducing new technology to the class though, it is important that teachers will add the proper educational leadership on how to properly use it and maximize it. Making sure that the students are instructed to use these devices with respect as well as making sure that damages on the equipment are prevented will help keep them responsible on how they are going to use these tools for learning.

Active learning

This involves collaborative problem solving, discussion groups, as well as peer instructions. Many educators dread a room full of silent or blank faces when they try to open up a topic for discussion. One way to get students talking, thinking, and sharing their ideas with the class is to devote time to learning projects. Allowing students to break into small groups and work on specific tasks allow them to be more engaged and invested on the subject. Since they are involved in the process, they will be more motivated to talk about it when it is time for the discussion.

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