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Published On March 21, 2018 | By Jude Robinson | Education

Issues in human resource effect every organization in some way. That is the reason why it is so important to comprehend the essential issues adjacent HR today. Managing and using the correct people is serious about the sustainability and growth of all organization. With the IQN Diploma in HRM, you will be able to make a donation to HR solutions in any industry.

Scottish credit and qualifications framework

IQN Diploma in HRM is identified by SCQF as a level 7 requirement. SCQF is the nation-wide qualification contexts in the United Kingdom. To be on the SCQF, IQN diplomas have gone through a demanding, quality guaranteed course of ‘credit rating’. This diploma is referenced as a level 5 requirement in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

How to work for the diploma?

This diploma is able to be studied at any of our listed centres that are in various countries of the world. Registered centres offer:

  • Offer exam prep classes
  • Offer study materials
  • Hold exams

Click here to list your notice to be studying for this diploma. We aim to show you a registered centre close your location.

What will you learn?

The program of the diploma includes:

  • Practices in HRM
  • Organizational conduct;
  • Employee conduct
  • Development and learning
  • Planning in human resource
  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Management performance
  • Management rewards
  • Planning employee resource
  • Concepts in HRM

Duration and preparation

The time to finish the schedule will be contingent on your professional or academic history. Exam can take at any time of the year setup by your centre. Study resources are made accessible to your centre, such as course book, syllabus and questions for practice. Therefore, you can take as much time as you feel you need for your study. Centres will also organise exam studying classes of varied schedule and length. But, you must not take more that 3 months to complete everything for this diploma.


To finish requirements for this diploma, you will need to pass a computer-based exam. The exam questions are self-sufficiently set by IQN and graded routinely by the online system. The exam will be conducted by the centre near you at a timetable that is suitable for you. If you regrettably fail, you can re-attempt to pass the exam. Second exams are conducted ‘on-demand’ at your centre’s grounds.

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