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Published On September 21, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Education

Super Glue How-To for Lower Grades: Pencil Sharpener Ring

This pencil sharpener ring is not only adorable not to mention fashionable for kids to wear, but it also comes in handy in school when you need to sharpen your pencil! Have your students follow the directions below to make their very own pencil sharpener ring:


Rings in different colors and materials, of substantial width for gluing

Small pencil sharpeners in different colors

Super Glue

That’s it!

Directions for Students:

  1. Choose which color ring and pencil sharpener you will use
  2. Place the center of the pencil sharpener on the ring, facing up, to measure it and see how it will fit
  3. When you are sure, put a dab of super glue on the part of the pencil sharpener that you will attach to your ring.
  4. Carefully attach your pencil sharpener to your ring, pressing down and holding for 30 seconds.
  5. Leave the ring to dry for an hour without touching it.
  6. VOILA! You have a brand-new pencil sharpener ring!


Super Glue How-To for Middle Grades: Melted Crayon Painting

Melted crayon paintings are beautiful and interesting for kids to make. Your students will have fun putting them together and be fascinated by the results. To make a melted crayon painting, have students do this:


A couple Jumbo variety boxes of crayons (number depends on how many students you have, and how large you want each painting to be.) It is important to plan ahead for this!

Plain white canvases in a smallish size

Super Glue Product


Electric outlet for blow-drying

Directions for Students:

  1. Pick your colors. Will this be a monochromatic color scheme (i.e. shades of green)? Or will it be a rainbow (a very popular choice)?
  2. Arrange the crayons in the order you want the colors to appear in your final painting.
  3. Apply a thin strip of Super Glue to each crayon, and line them up in order at the top of your canvas, with the pointy sides facing down.
  4. Let dry for 15 minutes.
  5. Lean the canvas against a wall and place an old towel under it.
  6. WITH ADULT SUPERVISION, blow-dry your crayons across the canvas so that they melt and drip down, with the canvas upright.
  7. Don’t move your canvas until it dries.
  8. VOILA! You have created a melted crayon painting!

Super Glue How-To for Teens: Leather Tassel Keychain

Tassels are the “hottest” trend this summer, and tassel keychains such as these have been the coolest accessory around for months! Your high school-aged students will be excited to make these versatile and useful conversation pieces.


Leather (or pleather/ vegan leather) trim in any color


Lobster claw clasp

Small/ thin rope

Super Glue


Directions for Students:

  1. Depending on the size you want your tassel, cut your leather trim into a rectangle (our sample size was 8 in. x 3 ½ in.
  2. Use chalk on the non-leather side to draw a line 1 in. from the top.
  3. Use chalk to draw lines ¼ in. apart, coming down vertically from the line you just drew.
  4. Cut the VERTICAL lines ONLY
  5. On the leather side (the side you did not draw on), Super Glue a strip of ribbon to the top, as well as where the fringe starts.
  6. Cut three inches of your thin rope. Loop it through the keychain hardware, and Super Glue the ends of the loop to the non-leather (chalk-drawn) side of your rectangle. (The loop of rope should be coming out of the top corner of your rectangle when you are done).
  7. Next, roll the leather, applying Super Glue along the top of the leather as you go. You are creating your tassel!
  8. Once it’s completely rolled together, leave it to dry for a day.
  9. VOILA! You have made your own leather tassel keychain!

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