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When one decides to pursue a career in education, they must have the necessary education in order to get a teaching certificate or license before they can get a job as a teacher. In some states, certain tests must be successfully passed before a person can get a license to teach. In all states, teachers must participate in continuing education and professional development in order to maintain or renew their licenses. In Massachusetts, these tests are known as MTEL, short for Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure.

Some people feel confident enough in their knowledge base that they sit for the MTEL exams without much studying. Others want the insurance that comes with additional studying and taking of practice exams. There are many places one can go to bone up on the various core subjects covered in the MTELs, including MTEL General Curriculum Math, MTEL Communication, and Literacy, MTEL Foundations of Reading, etc. One of those places would be online courses.

What’s Included in MTEL Online Learning Programs?

The courses offered in these online programs have been designed to help aspiring teachers gain additional knowledge and aptitude by doing targeted lessons, interactive exercises, practice tests and detailed explanations for every question on the sample tests. It is hoped that the result will be the individual passing the exam(s) they sat for. In addition, those enrolled in the program have unlimited access to the materials, as well as expert instructor support. They also offer extensive professional development and continuing education to help teachers either maintain their skills or advance in their careers.

Benefits of MTEL Classes

The MTEL online classes have been developed by educators to help educators pass their MTEL exams, whether it’s their first license, a license renewal, the obtaining of additional licenses, or to increase their salary or prepare for teacher evaluation. They can also help teachers enrich their classroom instruction, while at the same time increase student achievement.

Because the classes are online, they are completely self-paced, making it easy for someone with a busy schedule.

What to Look for in Online MTEL Classes

Anyone can offer an online class or classes these days. It’s important to make sure they’re offered by a legitimate organization. In the case of preparing for the MTELs, it would be important to make sure the material has been prepared by teachers; that the material has approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education; and to learn what organizations have previously utilized this online material. And make sure that the material offered covers the core subjects, such as MTEL General Curriculum Math.

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