Does High Quality Prep Classes have to be High Cost?

Published On January 10, 2018 | By Jay Woods | College

A nationwide test prep company, TC Tech Prep, is making radical changes to the test prep industry by offering their introductory classes free with the purchase of books. “For so long, high costs too high-quality classes have acted as a barrier to lower and even middle-income students. There is no reason to have high costs for class-based services. Either way- the cost to the company is one teacher.” -Andrea Lynn, CEO.

TC Tech Prep has formerly worked with many schools in several states across the nation as a No Child Left Behind state-funded tutoring services provider before providing test prep class services. “We’re very familiar with assisting a student in raising test scores. Our test prep classes are now held at high schools across the country and are breaking down barriers so that all students can participate.” Marilyn Keebler, Class Manager with TC Tech Prep.

ACT and SAT test scores are more important than ever before for college entrance, and in some states are now a part of high school graduation requirements. With the demand for assistance increasing, new options to help students prepare without breaking the bank are sure to be in need.
Kudos to TC Tech Prep for leading the way to a new cost for test preparation!

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