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Published On April 2, 2018 | By Jude Robinson | Teaching

Teachers have long played an important role in our society. Almost all children attend school at some point and teachers help them learn and help them prepare to enter college and to be better prepared in life. When making a decision whether or not to build a career as a teacher it is best that you fully understand all of the pros and cons so that you make an informed decision.


1. A Great Sense of Accomplishment

Most teachers really care about the success of their students and the satisfaction of helping those students provides a significant sense of accomplishment. One teacher stated that when she sees a child understand something they hadn’t understood before, that it’s a very gratifying feeling. You know instantly that you’ve done your job when you see the child have a lightbulb moment.

2. Summer Long Vacations

One of the biggest benefits that teachers enjoy is the fact that they have much longer vacation times than others who work in different professions. Even so, they still receive a full year’s pay even though they have 1/4 of the year off during the summer. There are even some school systems that allow you to get equal monthly payments for your salary throughout the entire 12 months. Many of those school districts will also give the choice of getting a larger paycheck each month for the nine months and then having no pay during the summer. It is very common for teachers to choose the first option as that is more convenient for the majority of them.

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Difficult Parents

Teachers have often expressed that it’s a frustrating experience to find that many parents or unwilling to participate or cooperate in their children’s education. The teachers find it difficult when a parent is unwilling to give their child the help they need to improve in school. There are even parents who will blame the teacher for the child’s performance.  Some teachers have even reported that parents tried bullying them into changing their child’s grades. There are of course parents who are very much involved in every aspect of their children’s education.

Low Wages

As important as teachers are, and the fact that they are required to have a good level of education, there are many other professions that pay more for the level of education and dedication required for being a teacher.  Regardless of how much effort a teacher makes they’re usually paid what the district decides to pay them rather than for their actual worth.  Very few other professions will require you to have as much specialized training while paying as little as teachers are paid. Some states have starting salaries as low as $25,000 per year.

Unwanted Notoriety

Teachers have long been held to higher standard than others. Many teachers feel that they are held to an unfair standard. Many feel that as a teacher you have to meet that standard 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you’re out having fun with friends on a Saturday night or if you’re at the mall shopping you can be called out if someone feels that you’re acting inappropriately for a teacher.  Often the consequences for behavior that is seen as inappropriate would go unnoticed for those in other professions but can be harsh for teachers. For the right person, it is a great profession as long as you are prepared for the good and bad that goes with it.

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