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Published On October 31, 2018 | By Melissa Lynch | Education

One of the people who can feel much higher stress levels may be the students, precisely because the pace of study can be quite strong. Either by teachers or by exams that are quite followed, all this makes stress levels rise and sometimes we do not have the tools to handle stress in the best way. There are multiple options for this, and then we will be reviewing some that will surely work very well in many cases.

What factors influence student stress?

Conflicting environments can become one of the main triggers of stress. When we are in a classroom in which we do not feel comfortable under any aspect either with our peers or with our teachers stress levels are more likely to be present and at various levels.

The social pressure can also influence, and the pressure of parents also, because sometimes they always want us to have the best grades and not all times it is because of the very high level of some subjects, and not being able to pass them create in us a very high stress.

What are the methods to eliminate stress?

It is not necessary to have too many things to be able to handle stress. We just need to have our own space, choose a moment in the day in which we can breathe, evaluate the things we did during the course of our day and breathe slowly and deeply, breathing makes our brain much more oxygenated and that allows that we think better.

But if this does not work for you then we can do different activities such as going for a run, this may be the best option, precisely because we are draining all the stress we can. Meditation and other quite common relaxation methods may also work.

Sleeping Forest the application to reduce stress

This application has different sounds and all belonging to nature, we can find the wind when it passes through the trees and even sounds of water movement that allow thoughts to flow much more. Although there are separate sounds have the opportunity to mix, to get different sensations, you can get excellent combinations and everything will depend on the taste of the person, and it is very good to try to see which of all creates the greatest relaxation effect in the mind and also in the whole body, either for an activity such as studying or just sleeping.

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