Connect & Thrive – The Key to Landing Your Dream Job in the Cannabis Industry

Published On June 18, 2018 | By Chloe Glover | Education

No matter which job you are trying to get, trying to form connections with influential people in the space you are looking to work is key to landing a competitive job. This is especially so in the cannabis industry where the cannabis jobs market has never been so competitive. Despite this, there are always many cannabis job openings, but many of these business owners prefer to hire someone with experience or for someone to come with a personal recommendation from someone they trust.

Why is this? Well, cannabis business owners are often reluctant to hire someone they don’t know. Conveying a sense of credibility and demonstrating trust is a big factor in gaining a job in the industry. For example, dispensary owners may be concerned about new employees not abiding by the regulations laid out by the state, which could lead to their license becoming revoked.

This is why making connections is ever so important. This doesn’t mean that your new connection has to be someone you know on a deeply personal level, it just means someone can say that you are trustworthy and someone who keeps to their word.

Another way to become well known is to maybe write blogs on developments in the industry. This allows you to gain authority that way. Another tip we would recommend you follow is to attend industry conferences and network with fellow conference goers. This is a great way to gain contacts in a short period of time that way.

Demonstrate Knowledge After Gaining Connections

While connections are important, they are not the only thing you should have. It is important to have training or experience before your application is taken seriously by cannabis business owners.  You may have to consider a college course at a bare minimum. Of course, you could even complete a university degree in cannabis now, or in horticulture. Make sure you have a search of the various courses available in colleges and universities right across the country. Some prestigious universities now offer these courses to new students.

If you have the necessary experience and contacts, you can search for jobs in your local area by using the cannabis jobs near me tool at

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