Christian Guidance: A Few Ideas on What to do After High School

Published On December 13, 2017 | By Chloe Glover | College

It is okay to be unsure about what you want to do after high school. Many teenagers feel like this, and Christian teens are no different. There are many paths to take, and the following are just some suggestions to help guide you in the right direction.

Join a Struggling Church

One thing you can do is lend your gifts and talents to a church that really needs them. A big church may have all the help they need, so consider joining a small, local church or an online church. Do not be lukewarm in your support, but truly committed to the ministry since this is a reflection of your devotion to God.

Missionary Work

You do not have the responsibilities you might have later on in life, which is a blessing. Missionary work is planned out for you, which is good for teens who have trouble deciding what to do. Volunteer work allows you to devote yourself to others. You can serve these programs better when you have a good grasp on the Bible, but there are schools for that. These programs expose you to different places of the world where the Word is needed and where you can truly make a difference. In addition to helping, you may also get to experience a culture outside of your own.

Expand Biblical Knowledge

Going to Bible or top missionary colleges would be a good idea for those trying to get grounded in the Bible. This could make you a stronger missionary should you choose that path in life through these colleges can help you in various areas. For example, you can serve small churches more effectively or focus on apologetics so that you can articulate your faith intelligently. Be sure that the school you choose focuses primarily on Bible texts. This is important because it is the Word of God that reigns supreme amongst other writings.

Start Your Own Ministry

Joining other ministries is great, but sometimes you might want to solve a problem that no one is addressing. You probably have the time and energy to do something about issues affecting your community. You may be able to get enough support to change these issues. There are a lot of volunteers out there helping the hungry or the unsaved, but there is bound to be a need only you can fill. For example, there could be elders in your community who do not know how to use today’s electronics. You can help these individuals by teaching them how to use smart devices, which can be quite helpful with all the apps available now. You can go to a community center to get suggestions on how to connect with people in need of your gift.

Hopefully, these suggestions give you an idea of what to do with your time after high school. This also gives you time to figure out career options. You might surprise yourself and pick up clues, which will help you discover what God wants for your life.

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