Choosing a Good Secondary School

Published On April 30, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

Choosing a Good Secondary School

Choosing a secondary school for your child can be a real dilemma. In many parts of the country, there aren’t many choices available as far as schools that are conveniently located are concerned. Even in the urban areas where there should be more choices to pick from, the same is true. Most of the time, schools use proximity as a huge factor on whether they would admit you or not. This means that ho many other kids attend that school and how far or close it is from where you reside can determine whether you are going to be admitted there or not.

For parents to pick the right choice, they need to look past the gloss and to truly see that real picture. Read on and find out how you can be more effective at choosing the right school for your child.

Check the Ofsted reports

While it is best to take the recommendations stated herewith a grain of salt, one should at least be able to get a good idea of which schools seem to be better as far as performance goes. It should also be noted that higher Ofsted ratings may not always mean what parent think they mean. For instance, there are those schools that get a higher number thanks to the higher prior attainment of its students.

League tables

It may be a good idea to check out what it offers in terms of information on the best institutions of education is. People are advised to go to the performance information website of the government to get a more detailed data that can be used in the decision-making later. It helps to look at the figures on children that have different abilities especially if you have a differently-abled child. Just remember that different schools tend to offer something different and it is up to you to find out whether that is going to benefit your child or not.

Word of mouth

It is quite useful to take note of what the people around you are saying about a particular institution too. The best thing about these opinions is that they are not only accurate, but they tend to be updated as well. If you find a school that does not seem to have parents mouthing off some negative things about it, then there is a very good chance that this is one institution that will make a good choice for you to send your child to. Of course, it is not infallible which means that you are going to have to verify what you have been hearing about these schools before you make a decision, according to Peter Gale Headteacher, an experienced educator.

Visit the school

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that you pay the school a visit. You need to know what it is like in the campus and the best way to do so is to experience it, and not just rely on the accounts of others about it. Be sure to speak to the students too, when visiting, to get their pulse on how apt or not the school is as far as their learning expectations go.

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