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Published On May 26, 2018 | By Jay Woods | Education

The Chinese Student Market is known as the largest market in the world with more Chinese students going abroad to study than any other nation. More than 350,000 Chinese students are believed to be studying for their degrees at universities overseas this year with the number predicted to rise to 645,000 within 20 years. Of those students, 92{e4e568a6e655b6eb0a3c952dc9cd51bfca0536d6e0dd3b7ce47e34a6a4b4a91e} are self-funded.


Studying abroad is quite expensive and ‘self-funding’ shows the Chinese emerging middle-class families want their children to gain the best education by studying abroad no matter the costs. It also shows the increasing demand for international experience, culture, and ideas to those in China.

US/United Kingdom

The United States and the United Kingdom are educational destinations that are the most popular. Other popular countries include:

  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • And France

Other countries

Students from China who go abroad to study greatly outnumber those from other countries and experts believe that China will continue to increase in this area of education for decades to come.

Traditional marketing

The traditional, western style of advertising universities use doesn’t work in the Chinese market. The messages universities are trying to communicate is usually simply misunderstood.


If a university is consistently rated high in a certain subject, the university should use this as the focus on promoting what the university is good in. Chinese student wants to study at institutions they see as being experts in their chosen field of study.

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Web index Baidu

Students interested in overseas education will probably scan for colleges in a specific subject on ‘Baidu’, the main Chinese web index. They probably are not going to scan for a college. This is important to know when marketing to the Chinese students.

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