Characteristics of Non-Native English Toddlers

Published On January 18, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

Children aged 4-12 have certain specific characteristics, which are typical of their learning styles. Most children have short attention spans, so it is essential to keep them engaged with new & innovative ways to get them to focus earnestly. Persistence is a must to solidify new schema into the hippocampus where our memories are stored.

Therefore, if you want to teach kids something, you have to do so consistently over a consistent period time.Doing this will ensure that they do not forget what they learn in the classroom and that the sword remains significantly sharpened.

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The teacher needs to establish a routine to teach the child English catered to their specific strengths and weaknesses – It is important to track progress especially in the beginning to know what level they are at. The teacher should incorporate short frequent sessions of English teaching in the child’s daily life to maximize learning – These sessions should be seen as short spurts instead of long drawn out races.The first couple of lessons can result in bare bones fundamentals such as greetings, ABCs and, other beginner lessons. Grammar is an inseparable part of any language and English is no different. The teacher must decide whether he/she wants to teach the child grammar separately or integrate it into the regular classroom structure.

Today, many companies have developed sophisticated apps that aid in language learning and can be utilized by the instructor.The teacher can guide the child to use the apps so that half their progress can be automated within the confines of the course materials. These should be supplemental materials instead of crutches because the teacher holds supremacy in terms of language learning – Be an advocate for yourself and resourceful with the assets around you to incorporate an overall better learning experience.

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