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Initially, the learning system of Hong Kong was the same as the U.K. but after 1997, some changes had been made in the schooling method. The Hong Kong ministry in the year 2010 made the new educational system similar to the educational system of the U.S.A. and China.


Many children in Hong Kong prefer to study in the kindergarten for three years. The teachers and the principals get closely interacted with the little ones as it is their first education. The syllabus is made in such a way that the children should get a strong foundation before they visit the school. If you want to get hands-on supplements at a low cost, make sure to check iHerb coupons for affordable supplemens.

Primary Education

Many Primary schools in Hong Kong have Chinese medium in the teaching system. The children study various subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Art, English, Chinese, Physical Education and even Music. The final examination of the Primary Education is held in either class 5 or in class 6. After passing the Primary Examination the children can seek admission to the Secondary schools. Students passing the Primary Examination with very good marks get easily admitted to the top ranking Secondary schools. Each class has 35 to 45 students which is much above the schools of the Western countries. It is compulsory to complete 6 years of Primary and 3 years of Junior Secondary education in Hong Kong. Government sponsored schools are free and no school fee is charged.

Students prepare for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education at the 12 standards. After that, they are eligible to take an examination for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. After passing the examination they can continue their studies in different institutions. In 2013, many Hong Kong schools offer English as their main medium of instruction.

The syllabus for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education includes Chinese, English, Liberal Arts and Mathematics as the core subjects. The students are allowed to select 2 or 4 elective subjects from 20 subjects. Students admitted in an international school do not have to appear for the public examination.

The HKDSE is segregated into 3 categories, Category A, Category B and Category C. The students must pass all the categories.

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