A Customizable E-Learning Platform That Connects Instructors and Students

Published On February 18, 2018 | By Jude Robinson | Education

Using several software programs, you will be using online learning solution for students and instructors through an online platform. Livecle.com offers a complete set of tools to create and take online tests, courses, live classes, live seminars plus engagement with students around the world.

Learning Management System

Livecls.com offers full LMS system with live classroom with audio, video, chat and lesson presentation. Livecls offers the crucial features that are needed for unified association abilities between the students and instructors to improve the value of education in this field.

Learning Management Software

Features that good Learning Management Software should have:

  • Deliver instructor-led training, virtual learning, exams, certifications and compliance content for developing employees;
  • Collaborative Learning – Offers social behavior and inspires employees to learn best practices, discuss learning ideas or concepts and work as a team on projects– all in one place.
  • Automate the administration as well as oversight of employee compliance management processes to confirm regulatory requirements are met.
  • The software helps to deliver and track employee training to improve performance to improve workforce and drive engagement.

Stanford University

A popular software package often used is a program developed by Stanford University.


This field of Machine Learning is the computer science of giving computers enough software to act without being specifically programmed. We are at a point where, machine learning has already given us self-driving cars, everyday recognition of speech, coupled with the effective use of web search and an enormously improved knowledge of the human genome.

Already use it

Currently, Machine Learning is very dominant to the point that we each are probably using it many times each day and don’t understand we are. Many researchers believe this is the best way to make advancement towards the field of human-level AI (artificial intelligence).

This software

With this software, the student will learn active machine learning methods as well as gain practice using them and learning to have them to work for you. Most importantly, you will learn about the theoretic basics of machine learning and advance the practical skills needed to powerfully and apply quickly these current techniques to new problems. At the conclusion, you will have learned about many of Silicon Valley’s best innovation practices as relating to AL and machine learning.

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