7 things to do before your teen leaves to study law

Published On June 27, 2018 | By Katherine Joyce | Education

University is a big change for parents and children alike, so here’s how to prepare effectively

So your teen is starting university soon. Chances are, they’re feeling excited and nervous in equal measure, especially if they’re going off to study a reputable but intense subject like a law.

And as their parent, you’re probably feeling nervous for them, and downright emotional about the whole thing. This is a time of change, but there are plenty of things you can do to help your teen get settled at university and flourish in their law degree. Let’s take a look at 7 things to do before your teen leaves to study law.

Help them read ahead

Law requires a huge amount of reading. Your teen will get better at skills like speed reading as their course progresses, but chances are they’ll find it quite overwhelming for the first few weeks. To help them get used to it, encourage them to start reading ahead now.

Get cooking

Cooking is a key university skill that many teens are lacking before they leave home. You may not think that the ability to cook has any bearing on the grades your son or daughter achieves but we’d encourage you to think again. Diet can impact everything from attention spans to energy levels and so be helping your child to learn to make the right kind of meals may well help steer them towards more productive study time. Even if you can assist them in reducing the number of takeaways and ready meals they buy by 20{e4e568a6e655b6eb0a3c952dc9cd51bfca0536d6e0dd3b7ce47e34a6a4b4a91e}, you could be making a significant difference.

Pack smart

Packing is one of the most stressful aspects of preparing your teen for a university, but it doesn’t need to be. A thorough checklist will ensure you don’t miss off any necessities when helping your teen fill their case. Clothes and toiletries are obvious, but make sure you also don’t forget chargers, kitchen utensils, and reading materials.

Keep them up to date

With a subject such as law, your teen will be expected to stay up to date with the latest news. Not only that, they’ll also be expected to be able to comment on it. One great way to get your child prepared for their studies is to get them in the habit of keeping up with the news and asking them how they feel about it.

Encourage them to contact fellow course-mates

University is a time of great change for you and your teen. They’re going to be extremely nervous about leaving home, probably for the first time, and having to get used to living independently. Among the stress of following their course and keeping up with assignments, the first few weeks at university can also feel quite lonely for teenagers who are worried about making friends. Thankfully, social media and technology are changing things. Nowadays teens can reach out weeks before university and start making bonds with people on their course or in their accommodation.

Set a budget

Money is another key factor your teen will have to consider once they leave home. They may want to get a part-time job, or maybe they’ll be using a student loan to fund their studies, but either way, they’ll have to get used to budgeting their lifestyle and making money last. If you’re planning on helping your teen out financially, make sure they know the importance of using money carefully and not treating you as a bottomless bank.

Test drive their degree with a summer programme

With a serious subject like law, it’s important that your teen doesn’t go into their study as a complete novice. A law summer programme like those available from Cambridge Immerse gives your teen two weeks over the summer to understand more about law and the university experience overall. If your teen is considering a future in law, visiting one of the best summer schools in the UK will give them a chance to trial the subject and see whether it’s right for them.

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