6 things to keep in mind while preparing for board exam

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Every year crores of students appear for a number of different variety of board exams of different curriculums such as CBSE, ICSE, other board exams including state boards. So, the competition level is really high among the students to get into their desired colleges and streams. This leads the students to struggle hard to keep themselves cool during the time. In every student’s life, board exams may be the first major exam but surely it is not the toughest. With proper effort and dedication, one can easily meet the milestones of achieving high marks in the main exam.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing for the board exams:

1. Focus more on important Topics:

Hard work is good but smart work is always better. While preparing you should cover the syllabus thoroughly but it is advised to pay extra attention to the important topics. By doing so, you will definitely be able to grab good marks easily in a more smarter way and master the difficult concepts like Electromagnetism, a structure of DNA, organic chemistry and etc. You can figure out the important questions by looking into the last 10-year question papers or consulting your teacher regarding it.

2. Prepare Quality Notes:

There are many books, study materials and guidebooks to which you can refer while preparing for the exam. But you should make a habit to jot down important points and information while attending any class or going through any chapter. This makes things a lot easier for you when you have a very short time to prepare for the board exam. This helps as a reference note which is way more effective than any other reference books and guidebooks.

3. Revise Rigorously:

Covering important topics is not enough, revise those important chapters and questions thoroughly to learn them well. It will be easier for you to revise if you will keep your notes ready and handy. Try to gradually minimise the use of the notes and use them only when it is very much necessary to refer. Set a particular time to study according to your own convenience when you think you can concentrate well. This way you can easily master tough subjects like maths, physics and chemistry.

4. Give Mock Tests:

It is not a good idea to mug up chapters as it won’t remain in your mind for long. So, it is advised to devote some time in practicing the mock tests or sample tests or last 10-year question papers to enhance your understanding of the concepts. This will not only help you to figure out the type of questions that you are going to get in the main exam but also it will help you to etch those concepts in your mind forever. Always set a time and then try to complete the questions within that specified time. This will help you to learn the time management skill and to understand where you need improvement.

5. Eat healthy foods:

While preparing for Board Exams make sure you eat foods that will help you to improve your ability to focus. Some of the top foods for brain include fish containing omega 3 fats like salmon, vegetables like broccoli, whole grains etc. These food items are known for improving the brain power.

6. Sleep well to boost your Energy:

Never ever compromise on your sleep because a study shows that you need to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day in order to get sufficient physical and mental rest. But many students don’t follow it and they sleep for less time to study more. This will not only cause health issues but also will hamper your concentration.

Don’t forget to carry your admit card and important things to your exam hall.  All the best for your Board Exam.

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